Weekly Parliament Human Rights Tracker 14th -16th May 2019

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About:  The Parliament Human Rights Tracker curates key human rights issues and discussions that happen in Plenary and committees. It tracks the actions taken by Parliament on the same. This is meant to monitor the work of Parliament in promoting Human rights. This information is also useful for public, media houses and civil society organisations doing human rights work.

  1. Freedom of expression and movement

Hon. Hon. Mwijukye Francis raised a matter of national importance on the growing concern among Ugandans of the conduct and the Modus operandi of the LDUs who have since taken upon themselves to arrest and mistreat any person they find moving beyond 7pm.

In Response Hon. Karooro Okurut (the Cabinet Minister in Charge of General Duties in the Office of the Prime Minister), in the Ugandan Cabinet, informed the house that, under normal circumstances, the UPDF and other Officers in uniform, are usually out there to protect the Ugandans. However, she promised to inform the Minister of Internal Affairs, who will intern respond to the House.

  1. Right to Freedom of press/ media

Hon. Ssemujju Ibrahim raised a concern that the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) issued a directive for the suspension of some individuals from some media houses on allegations that they aired out content which breached the minimum broadcasting standards. He noted that it is a violation of freedom of the press. He called upon Government to protect press freedoms.


  1. Right to Health

Hon. Baguma Spellanza moved a motion urging Government to prioritize funding for the Health Sector. She noted that there is a big health infrastructure gap because of limited funding. There is a stock-out of medicines in public health centres. She urged the Government to increase the budget allocation for the Health Sector by 1.373 trillion Uganda Shillings.

She also asked the Government to introduce a National Health Insurance Bill.



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