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About:  The Parliament Human Rights Tracker curates key human rights issues and discussions that happen in Plenary and committees. It tracks the actions taken by Parliament on the same. This is meant to monitor the work of Parliament in promoting Human rights. This information is also useful for public, media houses and civil society organizations doing human rights work.

21st – 24th May 2019

  1. Right to freedom of worship
  • Adeke presented a petition on the behavior of some Army members in Ishaka-Bushenyi, interfering with the operations of Bushenyi main mosque and encroaching on the right to freedom of worship of the people in the area. The prayers of the petitioners were;
  1. Government to vacate UPF from Bushenyi main mosque.
  2. Parliament to investigate the matter.
  • Government to investigate into the unprofessional conduct of the Army.


  1. Right to own property
  • Simeo Nsubuga presented a motion for a resolution of Parliament to inquire into land wrangles in Bukoba village. Nalutuntu Parish, Nalutuntu Sub County, Kassanda South Constituency.

Hon. Betty Amongi, Minister for Lands, Housing and Urban Development promised to take up the issue. She also committed to the presentation of eviction procedures after a meeting with the Attorney General.

  1. Right to compensation/pay
  • Abala David raised a matter of national importance on the unpaid salaries of civil servants of Ngora district and payment of gratuity and pension to pensioners of the same districts.

Hon. Maitia kasajja, Minister of Finance responded to the issue assuring the House that salaries of all civil servants were disbursed by the Ministry. He explained that the problem is at the districts and not the Ministry.

  1. Right to Fair treatment
  • Robert Kyagulanyi presented a statement on his unfair treatment by police and the cancelation of his shows. He promised to move a motion for improvement of the welfare and increment of salaries for security personnel alleging that the poor conditions frustrate them thus leading into mishandling civilians.
  1. Worker’s rights
  • Ssewungu demanded an update from the Minister of Gender, Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyinji on the Ministry’s commitment to sieve all labor exporting companies in Uganda.

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