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The Parliament Human Rights Tracker curates key human rights issues and discussions that happen in Plenary and committees. It tracks the actions taken by Parliament on the same. This is meant to monitor the work of Parliament in promoting Human rights. This information is also useful for public, media houses and civil society organizations doing human rights work.

23rd – 25th July 2019

  1. Right to Education

Hon. Rosemary Sseninde presented a brief statement responding to Hon. Ruugi’s concern on the funding of the students’ loan scheme. She says the budget for the scheme was increased by 2.4 billion to cater for 6443 students compared to the 7.5 that was requested by the Ministry.

  1. Right to protection of personal liberty

The Leader of Opposition Hon. Betty Ocan Aol demanded clarification from the Minister of Defence on the alleged existence of a rebel group, B13 in Gulu district. She said the youth in Gulu are living in fear as the security agencies continue arresting them.

  1. Right to protection of freedom of conscience, expression, movement, religion, assembly, and association

Hon. Kania Obiga, Minister of Internal Affairs presented a Statement on the tedious process of replacement of national identity cards following Hon. Ondong Otto’s concern on the same issue raised during a Plenary sitting last week.

The Speaker suggested that Minister Obiga Kania organizes a meeting to answer more questions from MPs’ about national IDs.

The Minister promised to consult with the NIRA team and give the date the House.

  1. Right to respect for human dignity and protection from inhuman treatment

The House debated the Report of the Committee on Agriculture on the statement of the Minister of Defense on the operations of the Fisheries Protection Force.

Members condemned the army for human rights violations on water bodies.
The Speaker recommended that Parliament organizes and files a suit against officers of the Army Fisheries Protection Force cited in human rights violations, including burning of boats.




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