Rt. Hon. Speaker and Honourable Members,
The Rt. Hon. Speaker nominated eight (8) Members and two (2) technical staff
to the Parliamentary Health Sub-Committee on COVID-19 to assess the
preparedness of Government to combat the outbreak of the pandemic and
advise the House and Government on the appropriate course of action.
The Committee would like to thank the Rt. Honourable Speaker and Parliament
for the opportunity to represent the House in the fight against COVID-19.
In a special w&y, the Committee would like to thank His Excellency the
President for his visionary, strategic and unique leadership that has made
Uganda to shine in the region in combating the COVID-19 pandemic.
In light of this assignment, the Committee has so far covered part of the
Central, South-Western, Eastern, Midwest sub-regions and hereby presents an
interim report of the findings and proposed recommendations