The par­lia­ment of Uganda has two dif­fer­ent types of com­mit­tees. Stand­ing Com­mit­tees and Sec­toral Com­mit­tees.

In ac­cor­dance with ar­ti­cle 90 of the con­sti­tu­tion, the com­mit­tee mem­bers are pro­posed by the Gov­ern­ment chief whip and Op­po­si­tion whip. The pro­posed names are then read out to the house (Par­lia­ment in ses­sion) the House ap­points com­mit­tee mem­bers by vot­ing Yes or no to a name read.            

What Laws pro­vide for Ap­point­ment of a com­mit­tee mem­ber? 

Ac­cord­ing to ar­ti­cle 183 (1) of the Rules of Pro­ce­dure, there shall be Sec­toral Com­mit­tees of the House, whose mem­bers shall be des­ig­nated by Whips on ba­sis of Party or or­ga­ni­za­tion rep­re­sen­ta­tion and in­ter­ests of In­de­pen­dent Mem­bers in the House at the be­gin­ning of every ses­sion of par­lia­ment.

Ar­ti­cle 155 (1) of the Rules of Pro­ce­dure states that; the Stand­ing com­mit­tee of the House shall have the tenure of of­fice of two and a half years and one of these com­mit­tees is the Com­mit­tee on Na­tional Econ­omy.

What are the func­tions of the Com­mit­tee?

Ar­ti­cle 175 0f the Rules of Pro­ce­dure clearly states the func­tions of the Com­mit­tee on the Na­tional Econ­omy and they in­clude the fol­low­ing;

It shall be the func­tion of the Com­mit­tee on the Na­tional Econ­omy to re­view, con­sider and scru­ti­nize all mat­ters re­lat­ing to na­tional econ­omy gen­er­ally, fi­nance and any other mat­ter re­ferred to it by the House.

The Com­mit­tee shall in par­tic­u­lar ex­am­ine and mon­i­tor the state of the na­tional econ­omy, to ex­am­ine and make rec­om­men­da­tions to the House on all loan agree­ments re­quired to be au­tho­rized or ap­proved by the House un­der ar­ti­cle 159 of the con­sti­tu­tion, to as­sess an­nu­ally the per­for­mance of loans and guar­an­tees ap­proved by par­lia­ment, to ex­am­ine the an­nual state of in­debt­ed­ness and man­age­ment of Gov­ern­ment debt, in­clud­ing the Debt Man­age­ment Per­for­mance As­sess­ment Frame­work, to ex­am­ine loan guar­an­tee re­quests and as­sess the per­for­mance of ex­ist­ing ones by Gov­ern­ment, to ex­am­ine the re­port on grants re­ceived by Gov­ern­ment and to ex­plore means of im­prov­ing the na­tional econ­omy.

Ex­am­in­ing loan guar­an­tee re­quests and as­sess the per­for­mance of ex­ist­ing ones by Gov­ern­ment be­ing of the func­tions of the Com­mit­tee on the Na­tional Econ­omy.

What is the com­po­si­tion of the Com­mit­tee? 

The Com­mit­tee is chaired by the Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment for Nakaseke County North, Nakaseke dis­trict Bbumba Syda Namirembe. Out of the 429 Mem­bers of Par­lia­ment, 35 Mem­bers sit on the Com­mit­tee on Na­tional Econ­omy. 25 Mem­bers sup­port the Na­tional Re­sis­tance Move­ment (NRM ) party, 6 be­long to the In­de­pen­dent and 4 mem­bers sup­port the Fo­rum for De­mo­c­ra­tic Change(FDC).

The table be­low shows their pro­fes­sions and aca­d­e­mic qual­i­fi­ca­tions.

1Hon. Bbumba Syda Namirembe C/​PNakaseke North countyAc­coun­tantmas­ters
2Hon. Bategeka Lawrence V/​CPHoima Mu­nic­i­pal­ityEcon­o­mistPhD
3Hon. Muyanja John­son Seny­ongaMukono south countyLawyermas­ters
4Hon. Tayebwa Thomas Ruhinda NorthTeacherBach­e­lors
5Hon. Kalule Sengo Em­manuel Gomba East countyAd­min­is­tra­torMas­ters
6Hon.Igeme Nathan Na­betaJinja Mu­nic­i­pal­ityBusi­ness­manBach­e­lors
7Hon. Mi­gadde Robert NdugwaBu­vuma Is­lands countyLeg­is­la­tormas­ters
8Hon. Okello An­thonyKioga countyEcon­o­mistBach­e­lors
9Hon. Mu­soke Paul Se­bu­limeBuikwe countySo­cial sci­en­tistmas­ters
10Hon. Kibalya Henry MorisBugab­ula SouthPi­lotmas­ters
11Hon. Guma Gu­mis­i­riza DavidIbanda NorthEcon­o­mistBach­e­lors
12Hon. Nambeshe John Bap­tistMan­jiya countyEcon­o­mistBach­e­lors
13Hon. Ikojo John BoscoBukedea countyAc­coun­tantmas­ters
14Hon. An­gura Fredrick Tororo South countyBusi­ness­manBach­e­lors
15Hon. Amero Su­sanAmuria DwrAd­min­is­tra­tormas­ters
16Hon. Man­dera AmosBuyamba countySo­cial workermas­ters
17Hon. Babirye Ju­dithAmuria DwrMu­si­cianBach­e­lors
18Hon. Seguya Lubyayi John BoscoMa­wokota County southAd­min­is­tra­torBach­e­lors
19Hon. Lok­eris Sam­sonDodoth East countyAd­min­is­tra­torBach­e­lors
20Hon. Ka­jara As­tonMwenge county southLawyerBach­e­lors
21Hon. Mar­tial An­drewIgara EastTeacherBach­e­lors
23Hon. Anne Mary TumwineNtoroko Dis­trictAd­min­is­tra­torBach­e­lors
24Hon. Katwe­si­gye Oliver KoyekyengaBuh­weju Dis­trictBusi­ness­womanBach­e­lors
25Hon. Akamba PaulBusikiLawyerBach­e­lors
26Hon. Adeke Anna EbajuNa­tional Fe­male youthLawyerBach­e­lors
27Hon. Nauwat Rose­maryAmu­dat Dis­trictTeacherBach­e­lors
28Hon .Atiku BernardAyivu countySo­cial workerBach­e­lors
29Hon. Lakot Oruni Su­sanUPDFSol­dierBach­e­lors
30Hon. Jack Wa­manga Wa­maiMbale Mu­nic­i­pal­ityNoneMas­ters
31Hon. Her­bert Ed­mund ArikoSoroti Mu­nic­i­pal­itySo­cial workerMas­ters
32Hon. Jimmy Ak­enaLira mu­nic­i­pal­ityPoliti­cianCer­tifi­cate
33Hon. Ka­toto HatwibKater­era countyBusi­ness­manBach­e­lors
34Hon. Ka­mara John Ninzey­i­manaBu­fumbira NorthAd­min­is­tra­torBach­e­lors
35Hon. William NzoghuBu­songora North.So­cial workerMas­ters


What has the com­mit­tee done so far? 


The com­mit­tee has ap­proved three loans in this 10th Par­lia­ment and sev­eral oth­ers have not yet been ap­proved by the com­mit­tee.

The first loan ap­proved by the par­lia­ment was to bor­row for the Lake Vic­to­ria Mar­itime Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and Trans­port Pro­ject. That loan is up to $ 14,4 Mil­lion USD or 52,409 bil­lion, Uganda Shillings.

The sec­ond loan ap­proved by the par­lia­ment was to bor­row for the up­grade the road Kap­chorwa-Suam-Ki­tale Road. These were two loans in one. Which is one $ 38,349,313.28 or 139,705 bil­lion Uganda Shillings; this was bor­rowed from African De­vel­op­ment Bank (ADB). The other was $ 56,129,597.12 or 204,437 bil­lion Uganda Shillings from the African De­vel­op­ment Fund (ADF).

The third loan was in Eu­ros, first part from UK Ex­port Fi­nance (UKEF), which was EU­ROS 270,266,042.15, con­verted to US Dol­lars is $ 321,199,210.23 or in Uganda Shilling the to­tal: 1,170,081,708,10 Uganda Shillings or in word One Tril­lion One Hun­dred Sev­enty bil­lion Uganda Shilling. The sec­ond loan is in EU­ROS 37,110,585 from Stan­dard Char­tered Bank, con­verted to US Dol­lars is $ 44,112,060.75 or in Uganda Shillings 160,670,761,044.55 or in words One Hun­dred Sixty Bil­lion, six hun­dred sev­enty mil­lion, seven hun­dred sixty-one thou­sand, forty-four and fifty-five hun­dredths, Uganda Shillings.[1]

With Ugan­da’s bor­row­ing rates, I am cer­tain there will be more loans be­fore Par­lia­ment soon.