On the 7th Feb­ru­ary 2020, the Chair­per­son Wak­iso Dis­trict Land Board, Mr. Ddungu Liv­ingston and the team, ap­peared be­fore the Com­mit­tee on Com­mis­sions, Statu­tory Au­thor­i­ties and State En­ter­prises (COSASE) Chaired by Hon. Ka­sozi Ibrahim. The Com­mit­tee was in­ves­ti­gat­ing the al­leged fraud­u­lent trans­ac­tions on the prop­erty of the de­parted Asians. COSASE is in­ter­ro­gat­ing cir­cum­stances un­der which the Asian prop­er­ties that were fully com­pen­sated for by Gov­ern­ment ended up in own­er­ship by in­di­vid­u­als and com­pa­nies.

The Ex­pro­pri­ated Prop­er­ties Act Cap. 87 guides the re­pos­ses­sion of for­merly ex­pro­pri­ated Asian prop­er­ties in Uganda and this pro­vides that el­i­gi­ble per­sons to re­pos­sess the prop­erty in­clude; a for­mer owner who was a reg­is­tered pro­pri­etor at the time of ex­pro­pri­a­tion or a share­holder and a duly ap­pointed at­tor­ney of any for­mer owner.

Some of the prop­erty un­der in­ves­ti­ga­tion in­clude; Plots 33-37 on Kam­pala road En­tebbe and Plot 65 on Kam­pala road En­tebbe. The Com­mit­tee queried how the own­er­ship of such prop­erty changed from lease­hold to free­hold.

Wak­iso Dis­trict Land Board and the De­parted Asians Prop­erty Cus­to­dian Board (DAPCB) pre­sented the doc­u­ments in­clud­ing the copies own­er­ship cer­tifi­cates show­ing how the prop­erty own­er­ship was trans­ferred, how­ever, the Com­mit­tee in­sisted that the mat­ter was so se­ri­ous that orig­i­nal files and cer­tifi­cates have to which were pre­sented. This was be­cause there were some vari­ances in the names of the own­ers and dates on the doc­u­ments. They are ex­pected to reap­pear be­fore the Com­mit­tee on the same mat­ter.