News & Up­dates:

The Minister of State for Finance in charge of General Duties, Hon Henry Musasizi, has tabled the Supplementary Appropriation (No. 4) Bill, 2021 for first reading.

Deputy Speaker Anita Among, who chaired the Plenary Session, referred the supplementary expenditure to the budget committee for scrutiny and reported back to Parliament.

The bill seeks to provide for a supplementary appropriation amounting to UGX 4.7 trillion from the Consolidated Fund as provided for under the Constitution and Section 25 of the Public Finance Management Act, 2015, to meet the additional expenditure for the financial years 2020/2021.

The supplementary budget, if approved, will provide for UGX 183 billion in expenses and salaries for the Ministry of Health, UGX 150 billion for salaries and other expenses for the Ministry of Trade; and UGX 109 billion under the Judiciary.

It will also support the recurrent expenditure on salaries, wages, and other expenses under State House at UGX 481 billion, UGX 51 billion for salaries and other expenses in the Ministry of Defence Headquarters, UPDF Land Forces, and UPDF Air Forces under the Ministry of Defence and Veterinary Affairs.

The other expenditures will be UGX 714 billion for salaries and other expenses for public administration, tax policy department, Aid Liaison, Financial Management Services, Treasury Services, Uganda Computer Services, Macro-Economic Policy Department, Economic Development Policy, and Research Department, Inspectorate and Internal Audit, Budget Policy, and Evaluation Department, among others.

The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, Hon. Mathias Mpuuga, raised concern over the delay by the Budget Committee in reporting back to Parliament on the two supplementary budgets referred to the Committee.

He said that the delay was a total breach of Parliamentary rules of procedure and the audit process by the Auditor General.

In response, the Deputy Speaker attributed the delay to COVID-19, which she said affected a lot of businesses and reporting. She, however, regretted the unavoidable circumstances.

Kasilo County MP, Hon Elijah Okupa, raised concern over the delayed disbursement of funds to different entities by the Ministry of Finance, yet Parliament passed the Supplementary Budget.

In response, the Deputy Speaker said that money can only be disbursed when it is there. She was optimistic that the funds would eventually be disbursed.