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The Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, has assured the country that the recent acts of terrorism in the country are not insurmountable and will be dealt with decisively.

Presenting a statement on the state of security in Parliament last week, Nabbanja asked Ugandans not to panic but to be extra vigilant as security agencies move in action to weed out terror cells that have attacked the country four times in the last two weeks.

“We call upon the public not to panic, but also not to be complacent at the same time. Be extra alert and vigilant. Look out for the unusual. Enhanced intelligence operations shall continue in order to deal with the threat,” said Nabbanja.

Nabbanja called for a collective effort from the MPs and the general public to decisively deal with terrorism. She affirmed that the Government will never submit to terror.

“This threat is real but can be dealt with. lt calls for our collective will, resolve and means to decisively deal with the situation. We can never submit to terror. We must give our all to preserve our way of life, our common security, peace and stability,” she added.

The prime minister disclosed that the Government will organize compassionate assistance to the bereaved families as well as the injured persons.

She said that the President was scheduled to brief the country on the matter on Saturday, 20 November 2021.

Tororo South County MP, Fredrick Angura challenged the Government and the general public to use the recent terror attack as a learning lesson for government institutions especially Parliament on how to deal with the evacuation procedures when such incidents arise.

He urged Parliament and other public and private institutions to put in place AMBA domed brass bells to alert people during times of danger.

“How ready we were as Parliament in terms of evacuation? We have never been subjected even in our orientation on evacuation in case of any danger. We have an assembly point but we don’t know under what circumstances we should use such an assembly point,” asked Angura.

Bukhooli County Central MP, Solomon Silwany appealed to the Government to compensate individuals whose properties were destroyed during the recent explosions across the country including victims of Komamboga and the Swift Bus bomb blasts.


Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basalirwa asked the Government to engage the perpetrators (ADF) like it engaged the LRA in the past.

“The attackers are known, why don’t we begin discussing and dialoguing with these groups; where terrorists are known, it is only prudent that you engage them,” said Basalirwa.

The Deputy Speaker, Anita Among equally rallied Ugandans to be each other’s guardian angel and take their security as a priority. She assured MPs that such cowardly acts of terror are meant to derail government business.

She tasked the Parliamentary Commission to look into the proposal by Angura to put in place AMBA domed brass bells to alert people during times of danger.