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Parliament Speaker Anita Among has directed the Minister of Internal Affairs, Gen. Kahinda Otaffire to give a statement on the kidnap, rape, and torture allegations against security operatives by 29-year-old Alexandria Marinos.

Among gave the direction during yesterday’s plenary session asking the Minister to give a comprehensive report on exactly what happened to Marinos and what actions have been taken to resolve the matter.

This was after Tororo Woman MP, Sarah Opendi raised the matter before Parliament. Opendi told the House that Marinos was recently abducted, severely tortured, and sexually assaulted by security operatives who abducted her in a drone and tortured her at the CMI facility in Mbuya.

Marinos, an NUP supporter has been living in Mbuya, not very far from the CMI facility. Before the ordeal, she had been warned against playing “Bobi Wine’s music” and ordered to stop supporting NUP or else she would face dire consequences.

Opendi said Marinos has so far been kidnapped twice from her home. She told the house that the lady was first kidnapped on 30th March 2022 and released after 3 days. On Easter Monday she was rearrested and taken to an unknown place, blindfolded, gang-raped and tortured.

“It’s extremely unfortunate that we have such incidences happening in our country. Why would you pick a woman from her house, kidnap, handcuff her and rape her? These must be people from the security because an ordinary person cannot handcuff a person. We as UWOPA are not happy with this,” said Opendi

Marinos has been able to identify the perpetrators who she says said profanities against her while kicking her, slapping her and whipping her with wires.

Opendi told the House that it’s alleged that Ssengoba Erias and Ali Hassan are the ones who kidnapped Marinos and are believed to be members of the security forces.

It is alleged that they warned her not to speak about the ordeal, before dumping her on the roadside, threatening her life if she did not heed.

After speaking out to a few people, she was attacked again and almost kidnapped two days ago but was saved after neighbors gathered forcing the kidnappers to flee.

Opendi, very bitter about the incident said it’s also alleged that Marinos even reported the matter to the police at Kinawataka Police but they declined to take in her complaint.

Among, in response to Opendi’s submission said the House needs to know in full detail what happened.

“Thank Hon. For raising this matter. For us what touches one woman touches all women. And of course, when it touches a woman, it also affects the men. The Minister should come on Tuesday and report what happened, what actions have been taken and what preventive measures they are taking to avoid such things from happening.”- Among said.

Minister of General Duties, Justine Lumumba asked Opendi to cooperate with the Minister of Internal Affairs in order for him to link up with the alleged victim so as for him to be able to get the full details and come up with a comprehensive report.

Among asked Opendi to provide the information to the Minister of Internal Affairs and also to the Attorney General since it’s the Attorney General that is required to answer when such incidences happen.