News & Up­dates:

The Minister of State for Primary Education, Dr. Joyce Moriku, has told Parliament that they have set up a committee of experts to analyze textbook content and correlate with the curriculum including the elementary levels.

Responding to the concern raised by Amuru District Representative, Lucy Akello, over the content in the primary six integrated science textbooks which she alleged was inappropriate for that age group; Moriku promised that her ministry will be investigating the matter.

She promised that the Ministry would act upon the recommendations of the Select Committee.

The Minister, however, emphasized the need and importance of learners especially those in Primary six who are in their adolescent stage, to learn and know of their reproductive systems.

She added that the information would help to address myths and misconceptions about family planning.

Moriku also emphasized the need for the different publishers to strictly adhere to the standards and guidelines of publications.

“This age group have changes in their body organs and hormones that come with psychological changes, and this was a great opportunity for the learners to understand these changes and accept them and gain skills on how to care for their bodies during and after puberty,” said Moriku.

The Deputy Speaker, Anita Among, who chaired the plenary sitting called out on some parents who avoid teaching their children about reproductive health and leave it to the teachers.

Among challenged the parents to step up and take up the responsibility to have them learn and understand about reproductive health as opposed to leaving it to teachers.