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Butambala County MP, Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has called out the Ministry of Health for tabling a Ministerial Policy Statement whose details are recycled from the previous Financial Year.

Kivumbi who also doubles as the Shadow Minister for Finance informed the House that having gone through some of the Policy Statements tabled, he was so disheartened to notice that a government agency comes before the floor of Parliament and lays a policy statement with details from Financial Year 2021/22.

“The Ministry of Health laid the document here, apart from one or two pages of the opening pages, the details of that policy statement are for the last financial year. So how do we go around looking at projections of that quality of work? It is inconceivable, how do you respond? What do we do with such a Ministry, of all Ministries, the Ministry of Health?” Kivumbi wondered.

He further added that the Ministry went ahead to include a performance report in the statement which he thought was terrible on the part of the Ministry of Health.

Kivumbi wondered how the shadow ministers could respond to a policy statement meant for next year but with details of the financial year ending.

The Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa said he understood Kivumbi’s concern but that he should allow the Parliamentary committee of Heath to scrutinize the statements and report the findings.

He asked the Leader of Government Business, Justine Lumumba to take note of the matter and follow up.

Tayebwa made the remarks in a maiden session where different Ministries and their shadow counterparts were tabling their Ministerial and Alternative Ministerial Policy statements in accordance with the rules of procedure on Policy Statements.

Lumumba, while responding to the Deputy Speaker assured the House that she had taken note of Kivumbi’s concern and that she would be investigating the matter.

She told the House that if Kivumbi’s claims are found to be true, she would convene a meeting with all the stakeholders in charge of the Ministry of Health, the Speaker, and the appointing authority because such an issue spoils the image of Government.

” Such an issue if true can have grave implications on the work of Ministers but also on us as leaders at this time,” he said.