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Members of Parliament have asked Government to apprehend the commanders of Police around the Kamomboga area where an improvised bomb explosive went off killing one person at a pork eatery during curfew hours.

The Mukono North MP, Abdallah Kiwanuka demanded to know whether the owner of the Digida bar in Komamboga was arrested.
He was also concerned that the state minister for internal affairs, David Muhoozi had presented a statement on the matter but could not tell the house that the police has been offering protection to Digida bar while it operates past curfew hours.

Kasilo County MP Elijah Okupa asked the Minister to tell the house whether curfew is still being enforced across the country. He asked to know why the bar was open?

Godfrey Onzima the Aringa North MP, said there is a lot of laxity in public places and urged the security agencies to increase vigilance and sensitize the public.

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah noted that the activities at night are very loud and the music systems are booming.
He said that security agencies enforcing curfew directives should not fear dealing with things that will cause our people problems.
“Where are the people who are supposed to listen to this noise and take action?”
Oulanyah wondered.
“Curfew directives are implemented selectively. If you are not a big person or you don’t know a big person in Government your business will be closed at 7 pm. They will send security agencies to close your business at 7 pm,” said Gilbert Olany Kilak County.

UPDF representative, Charity Bainababo said there is a need for MP to sensitize the public about the terror threats because they represent many people and such people need to be informed.

Hon. Ssewungu said that there is a need for continuous education and sensitization for our masses about these sensitive matters such as terrorist threats.Opposition Chief Whip Hon. John Baptist asked the government to rethink the SOP of curfew and borrow a leaf from other countries. He gave an example of Kenya that lifted curfew after realizing that the night economy is hurting.

“Why not consider lifting curfew rather than allow it to go on yet it is compromised and directives are selectively implemented” ~ Hon. JohnBaptist Nambeshe