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Members of Parliament have objected to the presentation of a statement on the general overview of the performance of Umeme.

During the August 24, 2021, plenary sitting, the Minister for Energy and Mineral Development, Ruth Nankabirwa wanted to present the statement on the performance of Umeme as had been scheduled but Kira Municipality MP Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda objected, saying that it was procedurally wrong to discuss a matter which had been concluded by Parliament.

The MPs were concerned that it would be wasted effort to present the statement yet the House had already recommended termination of the contract with the power tariff and distribution company.

Parliament in 2013 recommended that government cancels its contract with Umeme following a report by an Ad hoc committee on Energy which reported that the company had benefitted from a dubious process in 2004.

The committee then questioned how Umeme was procured and the ‘outrageous’ terms of the agreements signed between the Government and Umeme.

The Adhoc committee accused Umeme of exaggerating its investments in the sector and failing to reduce power losses, the difference between kilowatt-hours generated and those distributed to end-users due to problems such as theft and inefficiency.

Nankabirwa tried to persuade the MPs to allow her present the statement, however, the legislators were not willing to have any of that.

Deputy Attorney General Jackson Kafuuzi also informed Parliament that the concession of Umeme runs up to 2025 and that terminating their contract would create a liability of close to USD 600 million but his appeal for members to allow the statement to be presented bore no fruit.

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah closed discussions on the matter saying that the item currently stands withdrawn from the order paper pending consultations.