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Members of the Uganda Women Parliamentary Association (UWOPA) are set to move a motion advocating for girls that were impregnated during the two year Covid19 lockdown to resume their studies.

The UWOPA chairperson, Sarah Opendi yesterday put Parliament on notice that they were concern over reports that some schools, especially religious founded ones that had barred pregnant girls from reporting back even after Government directed that no child should be denied a right to education.

The MP pointed out during a plenary session chaired by Deputy Speaker, Anita Among yesterday, the directive from Bishop John Ssebaggala of Mukono Diocese to the church founded schools not to allow pregnant girls back in school.

The head of the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda and the head of the Church of Uganda (COU), Dr Stephen Kaziimba Mugalu in a statement presented to the media on January 11, 2022 argued that schools are not equipped to take care of health challenges that may emerge in the first three months of the pregnancy.

Kaziimba said that blanket permission to allow pregnant learners in school flies in the face of a national commitment to ensuring a reduction in maternal mortality.

Opendi emphasized the importance of expectant girls being allowed to be in school ad appealed colleagues to support her motion when it is presented on the floor of Parliament.

The Minister for Gender, Labor and Social Development, Betty Amongi, informed the House that the Vice President, Minister of Education and Prime Minister are leading a national campaign to encourage pregnant girls to return to school.

“This approach has led to a strategy that will cater not only for those girls who want to go back to school but also those who want to take on other optional skills,” said Amongi.

Butambala District Woman MP, Aisha Kabanda, called for improved learning environments for pregnant girls. He said that on their tour across the country, most of the girls did not have appropriate desks to sit on, a situation made worse by the high number of learners in schools.

Among referred to the pronouncement by President Yoweri Museveni to the effect that pregnant girls should be allowed to access school and wondered why some education institutions were contradicting the public policy.