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Members of Parliament have asked Government to draft a comprehensive repatriation plan for Ugandans stuck in Afghanistan.

The directive to the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Gen. Jeje Odongo, follows concerns raised by a section of MPs who told Parliament that they had received calls for help from several Ugandans stuck in the war-torn Asian country.

In the August 18, 2021 plenary session, the Chairperson of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee Norah Bigirwa Nyendwoha raised a matter of national importance demanding to know from the government the arrangements to repatriate Uganda trapped in Afghanistan.

“What are the arrangements to repatriate our people to their homeland Uganda? The Ministry for Foreign Affairs needs to come to the House to enlighten us on the arrangements to bring Ugandans back home,” said Nyendwoha.

The member pointed out that a number of Ugandans work in Afghanistan as private security guards under the employment of Private security companies.

The Deputy Speaker, Anita Among who chaired the session directed that Odongo appears before Parliament to address the concerns raised by members.

Regarding the incoming refugees from Afghanistan, Kilak South MP Gilbert Olanya demanded that the Minister first consults Parliament to get a green light to allow the refugees to come to Uganda.

Bugiri Municipality MP, Asuman Basalirwa, however, reminded the House that Uganda is a signatory to Refugees Conventions/Treaties and we have not yet renounced our obligations under those treaties/Conventions. He noted that Uganda is bound under treaty laws on the concept of ‘Pacta sunt servanda’ to host refugees.