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The Leader of the Opposition in Parliament (LOP) Mathias Mpuuga has demanded an audit into the ten-point security measures that President Yoweri Museveni said would be implemented to curb waves of criminality that have rocked the country.

He said that Museveni should account for the implementation and efficiency of the security measures that he announced in 2018 because public resources have since then been committed to the cause but criminality is ever on the rise.

Mpuuga made the demand during the Wednesday press conference at Parliament in relation to recent explosions that claimed two lives in two separate attacks.

Mpuuga said there was the need for coherent and consistent information on the threats to security in the country and appealed to Government to avoid using the resurgence of the terror as an opportunity to settle political scores.

“Whereas terrorism breeds desperation, it is not the space for the government to act desperately. When citizens are scared out of their wits, the government has a duty to continue giving the public assurance that they are in charge,” Mpuuga said.

He also called upon the public to cooperate with security agencies in efforts aimed at fighting the terror threats but with caution, not to allow them to be used by the state.

“We want to encourage the population to cooperate with security because terror is indiscriminate; be vigilant and report appropriately,” said Mpuuga.

Mpuuga advised the public to desist from being used by the state but offer cooperation.

“We want to warn the general public to avoid being used in circumstances where the state is so desperate,” he added.

The remarks follow recent incidents of two bomb explosions; one that occurred in Komamboga, Kampala, and the other on a Swift Safaris Passenger Bus in Lungala, Mpigi District, on Kampala-Masaka Highway.

Government has reassured the public that the renewed terrorism threat will be handled swiftly. The police have equally said that the matter is still under investigation.

They have, however, said that preliminary investigation reveals that the Komamboga attackers used an improvised explosive device (IED) and a suspected suicide bomber blew up himself aboard a Mbarara-bound bus at Lungala in Mpigi along the Kampala – Masaka highway.

Security Authorities have linked both attacks to the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) but an international terror organization, Islamic State has taken responsibility.

Mpuuga criticized the Government for not taking seriously an alert by the UK government of a possible terror attack and instead offered assurances of their readiness.

The UK issued a security advisory on October 14, 2021warning its nationals of a possible terror attack in Uganda targeting crowded and public places like hotels, transport hubs, restaurants and bars.

“The attacks came on a backdrop of advisory warnings from the UK governments to which our security responded with conviction that they are aware and ready. Readiness connoted the capacity to stop or avert the terror, but we are here grieving the loss of lives,” Mpuuga said.

In 2018, Parliament approved Government’s request to borrow US$ 104 million from Standard Chartered Bank to finance the National CCTV Network Expansion Project which was key among Museveni’s measures to fight criminality.