Par­lia­ment of Uganda has af­ter 12 years ap­proved an au­dit firm, Kisaka & Com­pany to au­dit the of­fice of the Au­di­tor Gen­eral of Uganda.

Ac­cord­ing to ar­ti­cle 163 of the 1995 con­sti­tu­tion, the ac­counts of the of­fice of the Au­di­tor-Gen­eral shall be au­dited and re­ported upon by an au­di­tor ap­pointed by Par­lia­ment.

The Au­di­tor Gen­er­al’s role is to au­dit and re­port on the pub­lic ac­counts of Uganda and of all pub­lic of­fices in­clud­ing the courts, the cen­tral and lo­cal gov­ern­ment ad­min­is­tra­tions, uni­ver­si­ties and pub­lic in­sti­tu­tions of like na­ture, and any pub­lic cor­po­ra­tion or other bod­ies or or­ga­ni­za­tions es­tab­lished by an Act of Par­lia­ment.

How­ever, for the last 12 years, Par­lia­ment had not ap­pointed an in­de­pen­dent au­di­tor to do the task.

The ap­point­ment of the Au­di­tor Gen­eral has been marred with con­tro­ver­sies of au­dit firms re­port­edly ask­ing for more money than is avail­able, while oth­ers have worked with the Au­di­tor Gen­eral be­fore in a space of three years and there­fore their in­de­pen­dence queried. In other cases, suc­cess­ful con­sor­tiums had fights in re­la­tion to man­ag­ing the au­dit.

In a heated de­bate in the house, some MPs ques­tioned the lo­cal com­pany Kisaka & Com­pany of its ca­pac­ity and in­de­pen­dence. Par­lia­ment ap­proved the com­mis­sion to go ahead and ap­point the au­dit firm which was suc­cess­ful in the bid­ding.

MP Robi­nah Na­banja, a par­lia­men­tary com­mis­sioner moved the mo­tion to ap­point an Au­di­tor to Au­dit the Ac­counts of the of­fice of the At­tor­ney Gen­eral, stated that Kisaka and com­pany met the re­quire­ments and out­com­peted two other firms. The firm will use Ugx 900 mil­lion to au­dit the au­di­tor gen­eral over the last five years.

“Only three firms bided to au­dit the AG be­cause the re­quire­ments for the bid­ders was that one should not have worked with or for the au­di­tor gen­eral in the past three years” said Na­banja

Some MPs were how­ever quick to call for an in­ter­na­tional au­dit firm to au­dit the Au­di­tor Gen­eral.

“The Au­di­tor Gen­eral is ex­pe­ri­enced and em­ploys the best and well ex­pe­ri­enced au­di­tors get­ting a lo­cal firm with­out ca­pac­ity might go to waste” said Hon Charles Ilukor

MP David Abala, how­ever called for the house to sup­port lo­cal con­tent by ap­prov­ing the se­lected au­di­tor.

“Its not good to give a vote of no con­fi­dence to the com­mis­sion and also to the au­dit firm with­out test­ing it” said Hon Abala

The House unan­i­mously ap­proved the mo­tion for Par­lia­ment to ap­point a firm to au­dit the Au­di­tor Gen­er­al’s of­fice.