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Parliament has tasked Government to embark on an investigation into a strange disease outbreak that is attacking children below 12 years and causing them anemia in Namutumba District.

The Deputy Speaker, Anita Among yesterday asked the Ministry of Health to look into the concern raised by Busiiki County MP, Paul Akamba.

Akamba informed a plenary sitting that over 70 children had so far died from the strange disease within the last month.

He said that doctors in the district are not aware of how to tackle the problem.

“The children cough or pass out blood for two days and end up dying. I am afraid that this strange disease might spread all over the country,” said Akamba.

In response, the Minister for ICT and National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi told the House that he talked to the Minister for Health who said that she had not received a report from the district.

However, the Minister promised to link with the District Health Officer (DHO) and send her team and will give a report to the House next Tuesday.

The Minister, however, reprimanded the District Health Officer (DHO) who he said did not take any steps to check it out despite Akamba reporting the matter.

Baryomunsi said that he had talked to the Namutumba Sub-county Chairperson who confirmed the death of 10 children from the disease, and that of 10 children referred to Mbale, seven have died of the disease.

“When I spoke to the DHO, he asked me if I was sure that children were dying. But the Mayor, Sub-County Chairperson and District Chairperson of Namutumba confirmed that there is a strange disease killing children,” said Baryomunsi.

Among directed the health ministry to take action against the DHO, Namutumba over failure to take action following a mysterious disease that is killing children in the district.