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Parliament has eulogized the late Emmanuel Tumusime Mutebile for his dedication, patriotism, and participation in shaping the destiny of Uganda.

In a special sitting at Parliament on Thursday, January 27, 2022, the Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Robinah Nabbanja, moved a motion to eulogize Mutebile, who served as the Governor of the Bank of Uganda (BOU) before his death.

Nabbanja extoled the late Mutebile for his immeasurable dedication to the growth of the economy of Uganda. She said that Mutebile helped modernize Uganda’s financial sector by designing and implementing economic and fiscal reform programs that have restored the Ugandan economy.

The Leader of the Opposition (LoP), Hon Mathias Mpuuga, on behalf of the opposition parties, condoled with the bereaved family, the staff and management of the Bank of Uganda, the people of Kabale and the country at large.

” On behalf of the team I lead, I would like to extend our sincere sympathies to the bereaved family, Staff and management of Bank of Uganda , the people of Kabale and the country at large,” said Mpuuga.

Mpuuga said that Prof. Mutebile was the person with the right credentials to hold the various key positions on account of his competence that helped cushion the economy from a state of near collapse in the early 1990s.

“Prof. Mutebile was a fortunate man. He was the right man, with the right credentials, who rose on account of his competence and helped cushion our economy from a state of near collapse in the early 1980s to one where our people could only try to survive on the basis of life, “he added.

The LoP recognised Professor Mutebile’s confidence and ability to talk straight while standing his ground, even when it made the powers that be uncomfortable.

He cited an example in 2011 when Prof. Mutebile disagreed with President Museveni over the decision to spend US $740 million on six fighter jets. In the same year, Mutebile attributed the inflation and exchange rate depreciation in the country to the NRM party using money from the Central Bank to fund its elections.

He added that Prof. Mutebile, without fear, attributed the inflation and exchange rate depreciation of 2011 to the election cash bonanza in which the National Resistence Movement (NRM) and its leadership literally broke into the central bank in order to buy votes.

Lastly, he cited an instance when Prof. Mutebile stood his ground and resisted a plan by the Executive to award an exclusive contract to print Uganda currency to Veridos Identity Solutions GMBH, a company without any history of currency printing.

Mpuuga was concerned by the current state of the economy, characterized by high public debt, unreliable and unaffordable electricity supply, unaffordable credit from banks and other financial institutions, and unfulfilled promises, among other concerns.

“Prof. Mutebile, an authority in economic management, is leaving Uganda choking on public debt with interest payment.” In public debt in 2022/23 to the program at Shs 5. 088 trillion, of which, Shs. 4.059 trillion is interest payments on domestic debt which was issued by the Bank of Uganda, ” said Mpuuga.

Ndorwa East MP, Wilfred Niwagaba, said that Mutebile was instrumental in interceding and reconciling warring political factions in the Kigezi sub-region and he has left a vacuum in that respect. He added that Prof. Mutebile made a major contribution to education, especially in Kigezi through supporting the inception and establishment of the non-profit Kabale University.

Bukooli County Central MP, Hon Solomon Silwany while the House was still debating the motion, he proposed an amendment to the motion requesting that the government or Bank of Uganda provide a suitable residence for the family as a token of appreciation for his service to the country.

The motion was supported by most of the MPs who made submissions on the floor of Parliament. They described Mutebile as a corrupt-free man who did not even build a house in Kampala.

The House adopted the motion moved by Hon. Silwany urging the government to provide for the welfare of the late Mutebile’s family and report back within the coming weeks on its position.

In response to the request, the Prime Minister promised to consult on the matter and return to Parliament on the way forward.