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Parliamentarians have agreed to set 23rd March as Jacob Oulanyah L’Okori Memorial Lecture Day celebrated annually.

Pian County MP, Remigio Achia proposed that the Special day be dedicated to the late Speaker in recognition of his distinguished service to the country.

The Late Jacob Oulanyah has been eulogized by many MPs as a peacemaker, mentor, patriot, man of integrity but mostly as a person who did everything that he was engaged in with perfection.

Achia made the proposal in a special sitting held at Parliament to pay tribute to the fallen speaker of Parliament. He was making an amendment to the motion moved by the Vice President, Jessica Alupo to pay special tribute to the late.

I propose under Rules 59 and 61 of the Rules of Procedure that this Parliament in recognition of the life of the late Speaker and the different dimensions mentioned here. That a day under our prayers is established.  A day called the Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah Memorial Lecture or Day where this Parliament on an annual basis can think through to discuss the values or the different aspects of his life whether it’s sports, on rules, honesty or leadership,” Achia said

Speaking to his proposal, Achia informed the Parliament that the practice to accord special days to people of influence was not new. He cited the Joseph Mubiru Memorial Lecture annually celebrated by the Bank of Uganda to remember the late Joseph Mary Mubiru, an economist and first governor of the Bank of Uganda.

Lectures on economic and financial topics are held annually by the Bank to remember Mubiru’s contribution to the Banking industry in Uganda then and in the years after. He is recognized for laying a strong and lasting foundation on which the Bank of Uganda has continued to execute its constitutional mandate.

Achia also cited the Joan Kagezi Memorial Day celebrated by the Office of the Director of Public Prosecution. Kagezi was a Senior State Attorney who at the time of her death, was the assistant director of public prosecution and also head of the International Criminal Division in Uganda’s Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

In the context of the late Speaker, Achia said that it’s the first time a sitting Speaker of Parliament has died which to him is history. Oulanyah is the first Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament to die while in office.

Achia added that he wants the day to recognize the achievements of past Speakers right from the time of Independence and those who will come after Oulanyah together with any member of Parliament who the House considers worth celebrating.

” Madam Speaker, I move that the prayers made by the Vice President be amended to include a prayer that the Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah Memorial Lecture/ Day be adopted and celebrated on an annual basis to recognize the achievements of the late Speaker, other Speakers and individual members of this House in the cause of delivering service to this country. I beg to move.”- Achia said

The Speaker, Anita Among suggested that the Jacob Oulanyah Memorial Lecture be celebrated on the 23rd of March every year. A day that also happens to be the birthday of the late Speaker.