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Deputy Speaker of Thomas Tayebwa, has summoned the Foreign Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odongo to explain to Parliament why some Ugandans continue to be denied visas to other countries.

He said the Minister will be expected to explain to Parliament what steps he is taking to negotiate with other countries to ease visa access for ordinary Ugandans.

Tayebwa who chaired the Plenary sitting on Thursday 28th, 2022 said that many Ugandans have been coming to his office and to other legislators asking for recommendations to get visas to travel abroad.

“I have received many people coming for recommendations for Visas. It has been very difficult to get Visas. Our President has been advocating for Pan Africanism but it is hard for our people to travel to other countries in Africa,” Tayebwa said.

He disclosed that even some Government officials seeking to go for medical attention abroad have been denied visas.

“There is a Minister who was sick but struggled to access a South African visa for the caretaker because of the restrictions on ordinary passport holders,” he added.

Bukonzo West MP, Godfrey Atkins Katusabe supported the idea to have the Government negotiate with other countries to ease visa access for ordinary Ugandans.

He told the House that while serving as Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs in the 10th Parliament, had engagements with the former Ambassador Debora Malac on allowing Ugandans 10-year visas to the US.

Tayebwa insisted that there was the need to have these concerns addressed by Government to have Ugandan passports respected more so that Ugandans can access visas to travel abroad with ease.