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Parliament has instituted investigations on allegations that the Government of Uganda losses up to Shs334 million daily in interest payment to Uganda National Road Authority (UNRA) Contractors.

The move follows concerns raised by Bukoto Central MP Richard Sebamala over the huge amounts of money the country losses to contractors as interest.

He said that the country would lose up to Sh1 trillion to the contracts at an interest of Sh334m per day.

Sebamala was also concerned that the payment of interest of up to Sh334m greatly affects service delivery. He appealed to the Ministry of Finance to intervene by presenting a supplementary budget to clear the said interests.

In response, the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Thomas Tayebwa who chaired the Plenary Sitting on Thursday 5th May 2022, was concerned that the country was losing a lot of money because of contracts that the Government entered into.

“Majority of these contracts were signed based on confirmation of counterpart funding, but after the contracts are signed and at the execution level, there is no support from the partners,” said Tayebwa.

He sympathized with UNRA and some water-related projects for being part of the entities that signed contracts but partners withdraw at the execution level.

Tayebwa directed the Parliamentary Committee on Physical Infrastructure to look into the expenditure on payment of interest to contractors, and provide solutions to reduce the loss occasioning to Government.

He directed the committee to investigate the case in which the Government is spending colossal money deemed for energy. He was concerned that Uganda Pays a lot of money for power that goes unconsumed yet a section of the country has equally not been connected to electricity. Ends…