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Leaders across the political divide in Parliament are set to visit Kawempe North MP, Muhammad Ssegirinya at his sickbed in Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Ssegirinya who is said to be in critical health condition was early this week evacuated from Kigo maximum prison infirmary to Mulago for further management after his condition plumped.

The Prime Minister and Leader of Government Business in Parliament, Robinah Nabbanja, Deputy Speaker, Anita Among and Leader of Opposition, Mathias Mpuuga will lead the delegation to Parliament.

The move follows a procedural matter raised by Mpuuga regarding the health condition of Ssegirinya and his counterpart Allan Ssewanyana, the Makindye West MP who have been detained at Kigo prison for close to two months over allegations of orchestrating murder in the greater Masaka area that left 26 people dead and engaging in subversive activities.

“Whereas I reported about the sickness of the duo, today, I am here to report that in particular, honourable Ssegirinya is not sick but ill. This is not to ask Parliament to exonerate them but because at some stage Parliament offered to make an intervention, specifically to indulge the State in offering a way to have these members get proper medical attention,” Mpuuga said.

He added that his last visit to Ssegirinya last Thursday was a clear indication of a man in unbearabl pain whose health condition calls for urgent intervention of Parliament.

Mpuuga said that on Saturday, Ssegirinya was stealthily evacuated to Mulago without the knowledge of his family until Monday when someone tiptoed and informed his family about the dire state of his health.

He appealed to parliament to make a humanitarian intervention to have the MP access proper treatment after which he can be prosecuted.

In Response, Nabbanja said that she had noted the concern and suggested a joint visit to the ill MP from which a decision would be taken.

Among agreed to the proposal by the Prime Minister for a joint visit to the MP. She reiterated Parliament’s willingness to have the MP Ssegirinya get better medical attention even if it meant seeking medical attention out of the country.

Ssegirinya and Ssewanyana are facing several charges including murder, attempted murder, aiding and abetting terrorism. They were last week on Monday denied bail by Masaka High Court Judge Lawrence Tweyanze, saying that their release would jeopardize investigations since they are currently under trial.

Mpuuga also demanded a report from the Government regarding the disappearance of citizens whose names he said a captured in the Hansards.

He was concerned that despite several attempts to have the Government update the country about the citizens that have disappeared for more than a year now, have not borne any fruit.

Among directed the Minister of Security to respond to the concerns raised by the LoP.