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MPs in at­ten­dance of to­day’s ple­nary sit­ting were all praises of the ac­tions of Speaker Re­becca Kadaga in sus­pend­ing MPs yes­ter­day.


Ap­prox­i­mately 24 MPs openly op­posed to the mo­tion to lift the age limit, mostly from the op­po­si­tion were force­fully ejected from the cham­bers by se­cu­rity op­er­a­tives.


The praise fol­lowed a mo­tion with­out no­tice by Hon. Isaac Musumba MP for Buza­aya County in Ka­muli Dis­trict to ap­pre­ci­ate the man­ner in which the Speaker han­dled the sit­ting of the pre­vi­ous day. Hon. Musum­ba’s mo­tion as­serted that de­spite the vi­o­lence, des­e­cra­tion of the house and its rules, the Speaker steered the house well.


De­bate of the mo­tion took more than three hours and this is what some MPs had to say;

Hon. Chris Bary­omunsi (Kinkizi County East) and State Min­is­ter for Hous­ing said Uganda is func­tion­ing democ­racy and no MP had the au­thor­ity to stop Hon Magyezi from bring­ing his mo­tion to the floor. He added that a lot of in­for­ma­tion flowed through dif­fer­ent forms of me­dia like What­sApp and his col­leagues had opted to em­u­late. He con­cluded by com­mend­ing the Speak­er’s ac­tions de­spite the threat of vi­o­lence in the house.

Hon. Bright Rwami­rama told the house that MPs have im­mu­nity for what they say not what they do in the house and that the NRM had the man­power to over­power them four­fold if the need arose. He added that he was con­vinced that some MPs were on drugs and al­co­hol and needed to be checked. He con­cluded by laud­ing the Speak­er’s ac­tions.

Hon Ab­bas Agaba had this to say: “We thank you for pro­tect­ing the im­age and in­tegrity of the house, you had to make the tough de­ci­sion, a bad de­ci­sion is bet­ter than in­de­ci­sion.” He added and said, “Some of our col­leagues act for the cam­era, yes­ter­day one raised a point of or­der to ask the Speaker why he was­n’t sus­pended, it’s ab­surd.”

Hon Magyezi Raphael also the mover of the in­fa­mous mo­tion said “I’d like to thank you madam Speaker for be­ing pa­tient and tol­er­ant, de­spite their dis­re­spect but you re­strained your­self, Ugan­dans through us their lead­ers ap­pre­ci­ate you Madam Speaker, we are firmly be­hind you”

NRM Stal­wart, Hon. Elly Tumwine also had this to say, “I’m priv­i­leged to have been a part of this house for the last 31 plus years and I’ve never seen this hap­pen in the house, we went to the bush we fought for peo­ple to have the right to speak their minds.” He also added that he could not un­der­stand why a sin­gle mo­tion could di­vide the whole coun­try when the coun­try had big­ger prob­lems.

He de­fended the re­in­force­ment of Par­lia­ment se­cu­rity by oth­ers forces as­sumed to be from the Spe­cial forces Com­mand and jus­ti­fied their ac­tions when he said the Hon­or­ables had stretched their im­mu­nity.

An MP, A one Hon. Odur also dis­tanced him­self from an­other MP with a sim­i­lar name who was sus­pended. Speaker Re­becca Kadaga clar­i­fied that the sus­pended MP is Odur Jonathan of Erute South and not Odur Lu­tanywa of Kibanda South.

Con­trary to the mood in the house, Hon Acidri as­serted that what hap­pened could have been avoided if the Deputy Speak­er’s rul­ing had been heeded. Speaker Oulanya had ear­lier told the house that am­ple time would be given to all mo­tions on the floor and the house would not be am­bushed. He added that he was dis­ap­pointed that some MPs acted the way they did but hopes they are for­given so that they can come for de­bate the mo­tion for the good of Ugan­dans.

Min­is­ter Obiga Ka­nia, in­ter­nal Af­fairs also promised se­cu­rity to MPs and asked them not to take the var­i­ous threats lightly while Hon An­ite told the house that she was at­tacked by a vi­o­lent MP Kyag­u­lanyi alias Bo­bi­wine chant­ing, “I will kill you, I will kill you…”

Gen. Moses Ali de­cried the dress code of some MPs who had abused some re­li­gions’ sa­cred sym­bols like the Veil for Mus­lim women and Catholic rosary but all in all lauded the Speak­ers ac­tions.

In con­clu­sion, Speaker Kadaga also jus­ti­fied why she sus­pended the MPs on Wednes­day not Tues­day which plunged the house into chaos. She said she could not rise above the noise in the house at the time.

“I was afraid that the Hansard would not cap­ture what I was say­ing be­cause of the noise that is why I opted to note down their names for sub­se­quent sus­pen­sion” She said.