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 The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Anita Among has appealed to the Members of Parliament to participate in the ongoing process on the education reforms in Uganda by presenting their views.


Among who chaired the Plenary sitting on Tuesday 15th February 2022, said the input of MPs is highly required to give good recommendations and proposals on the education system in the country and how it can be made better.


“To provide our views in the ongoing education review process and to generate a parliament consensus, I am appointing the Education Committee as a focal point to coordinate all Members of Parliament,” Among said.


The Education Policy Review Commission in January 2022 started collecting views and proposals in regards to the education system in the country.


The Ministry of Education and Sports in May 2021 constituted the education policy review commission to inquire into the effectiveness and relevance of the current education policy to the achievement of the education needs of users.


Among the issues, the commission is supposed to inquire into and investigate is the implementation of the recommendation in the Government White Paper on Education of 1992. The commission will also investigate and inquire into the issues of policy, planning, funding, access, implementation, and legislation across the education and sports sub-sector.


Additionally, the commission is expected to look into concerns about the education sector in the country educating mostly job seekers instead of employers and practical skills.


The Education committee is expected to compile the proposals by the MPs and present them to the commission before Tuesday, 08 March 2022.