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Parliamentarians have urged the Government to take urgent practical steps to address the increased decline of moral and ethical values to place Uganda on a pedestal of more stability, peace, security, unity as well as prosperity.

The MPs made the clarion call while adopting a motion moved by Dr. Nsaba Buturo, the Chairperson of the Parliamentary Forum on Ethics and Morality on Wednesday, 20th October 2021.

Buturo said that ethical and moral values are determinant factors as far as a nation’s stability, integrity, security, unity, peace, socio-economic development and prosperity.

He expressed concern that if the moral decline is not halted and reversed, this will lead to a substandard service delivery regime, weak representation in Parliament, poor quality leadership in the nation and more unemployment.

“The multiplicity of these negative outcomes will affect Uganda’s goal to become a middle-income nation and later on a developed one,” he said.

He urged Government to ensure that institutions that are mandated with the prevalence of ethics and integrity in society are themselves ethical and have integrity and that the education curriculum emphasizes character education and focus on teacher training institutions since importing moral values relies on role-modelling and interaction.

He said Government should introduce Universal Moral Educolion whereby knowledge of how to live with nature, knowledge of how to shore and be human will become an integral part of life.

“The formal school system should be reconfigured to emphasize the teaching of good and deep-rooted character and moral values,” Buturo added.

Workers MP, Margaret Rwabushaija, who seconded the motion, called on the Government to apprehend the perpetrators of sexual abuse, which she said had skyrocketed owing to lockdown on schools occasioned by COVID-19.

Sarah Opendi (Tororo Woman MP), cited corruption and sexual abuse as some of the main immoral acts that have continued to erode Uganda’s ethical values.

She urged Government to improve the remuneration of public servants which would help to bar them from resorting to corruption.

Col. Charity Bainebabo (UPDF Representative), called upon the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to regulate the communication sector, especially content viewed by the young people.

Hon John Baptist Nambeshe (Chief Opposition Whip), emphasized the need for the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) to include ethics and integrity in the school syllabus.

The third Deputy Prime Minister Rukia Nakadama said that the issue of morals is a collective responsibility and not Government sole responsibility. She urged everyone to focus on reorganizing the smallest unit of society, the family.

Speaker Jacob Oulanyah castigated Ugandans for always explaining their wrongdoings in society, citing it as moral disengagement.