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The Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Thomas Tayebwa, has condemned the increasing impunity among some military officers to the extent of undermining operations of other security agencies.

Tayebwa, who chaired the Parliamentary Plenary sitting on Wednesday 11th May 2022, noted that it’s high time the Police and Prisons got representatives in the House for their issues to be well addressed.

“This is distorting our image as a country. We are arming our enemies with information to say that one officer is not safe from another. We want officers to respect each other,” Tayebwa said.

The remarks follow a widely circulating video that showed a military police officer grabbing a traffic officer who allegedly declined the army officers’ request to give them priority right of way during a traffic jam at Mukwano Mall in down-town Kampala.

The Social Media video shows a military police soldier dragging a traffic police officer by the collar, for allegedly holding the military vehicle in traffic.

Responding to the concerns, the Deputy Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Peter Elwelu apologized to the Police and the country saying that the incident was unacceptable and unforgivable.

Elwelu said that the incident was regrettable and does not reflect the conduct and position of the UPDF. He added that there was no reason at all for one of us to interfere with the duties of the Police.

He noted that the officer involved had been arrested awaiting disciplinary action by the UPDF. He noted that there are errant elements in the forces but they will be always dealt with.

“I want to assure this House that we shall do what it takes to bring this officer to account for whatever happened,” he added.

The Deputy Speaker suggested the representation of the Police and the Prisons service in Parliament. He said that this move would have the interests of the said disciplines represented in parliament.

“I think it is high time Police and Prisons got representatives in this House because you always lobby for your constituencies to be increased. These are issues we shall escalate to the Executive because the President has to guide on issues of armed forces because of their historical background,” he said.