Opposition legislators have appealed to the government to intervene and regulate the manufacture and supply chain of the  Covidex medicine, following its approval by National Drug Authority (NDA).

Addressing the press at Parliament on 1st July 2021, Mityana District woman member of Parliament Joyce Bagala , said that to guarantee the quality and safety of the product, there was an urgent need for government intervention.

“NDA approved the sale of COVIDEX, a local herb medicine used for supportive treatment/management of viral infections. It is very crucial that government moves in to regulate the manufacture and supply chain of the product in order to guarantee quality & safety”Said Bagala.

COVIDEX, a local herbal medicine, was approved by Uganda’s National Drug Authority (NDA) as a supporting treatment for viral infections including Covid-19 on 29th June 2021.

The Legislators were equally concerned of the exorbitant prices of Covidex following its approval. They noted that is unrealistic that the the price of the product has gone as high as one hundred and twenty thousand up from the earlier price of three thousand shilling.

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