The accountability committees of the Parliament of Uganda consider the reports of the Auditor-General and make recommendations to improve the Government’s management of public finances. Through their oversight role, they provide an important check on corruption in government and improve the government’s management of public resources to promote development more effectively.

In the Parliament of Uganda, the accountability committees have made important contributions to holding the government accountable on a number of high-profile cases, including financial mismanagement of Commonwealth Heads Of Government Meeting and Office of the Prime Minister. The committees have also highlighted other important concerns of financial mismanagement unearthed by the Auditor General’s reports.

While there are other institutions involved in the audit process, this report specifically focuses on Parliament’s role in the accountability cycle. Despite their high level of activity, generous support from Parliament and donors, and experienced and committed Parliamentarians on the committees, however, the accountability committees continue to face challenges in considering reports, getting their reports tabled and adopted, and receiving a response from Government in a timely fashion.