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MPs make U-Turn on Food Demo

Published 1week ago -

Members of Parliament under the Teso parliamentary Forum have halted their demo against delays by government to distribute enough food to their regions. The deadline for an ultimatum given to government elapsed today but the... More »


Political Baracuda: Uganda’s real problem

Published 1week ago -

One clause in the production sharing agreement signed on behalf of the Republic of Uganda by a yet to be known Minister and Tullow Oil after the sale of interests to CNOOC and Total is the genesis of the multifaceted problem ... More »

Caption: Cosmas Elotu, David Abala, Monica Amoding and Silas Aogon during a press conference at parliament today.

TESO MPs issue ultimatum on food delivery

Published 2weeks ago -

Legislators from Teso Sub-region have vowed to go on strike if government fails to evenly distribute food by Tuesday next week. The lawmakers who addressed the media today evening have also warned that they will mobilize sec... More »

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