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Local Govt Accounts committee members at Parliament Photo by Olive Eyotaru

MPs Express Bitterness Over Budget Cuts

Published 2weeks ago -

Members of Parliament on the Local Government Accounts Committee (LGAC) have expressed concern over recent budget cuts to committees. The committee chairperson, Reagan Okumu, convened a meeting today March 14, 2017, to discus... More »

Dr Muyingo closing a school earlier this year - Photo Credtis - Daily Monitor

Muyingo tasked to explain school closures

Published 2weeks ago -

 Parliament today asked the Minister of State for Higher Education Dr John Chrysostom Muyingo, to explain the criteria used while closing schools that failed to meet basic requirements. Early this year, Dr Muyingo alongside... More »

Food insecurity is reflection of a leadership crisis

Published 2weeks ago -

On 14th February, 2017, Agriculture minister, Hon. Vincent Ssempijja presented to parliament a joint statement on a UGX 8.47 tn, strategic policy action plan to mitigate the food insecurity and disaster situation in the country. It indicated a growing increase in the population that needs food relief, from Ugx 1.3M in November 2016 to Ugx 1.58M January 2017 and the urgent need for reform. The Mini... More »

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