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Israel raid on Entebbe a binding factor – Kadaga

Published 3months ago -

  The Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga, says that the raid on Entebbe Airport in 1976 by Israel to rescue their people should be a vehicle for unity between Uganda and Israel and Africa as a whole. Highlighting the hijacking of the plane and the subsequent rescue of the passengers by the Israeli Defence Forces, Kadaga said that the terrorist attack binds the two countries and th... More »

Lukwago, Musisi, contradict over city law enforcement

Published 3months ago -

Kampala City Council Authority Executive Director and Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago have given conflicting accounts regarding the authority’s enforcement team. The two were on Tuesday appearing before the committee chaired by Adjumani Woman MP Jesca Ababiku (NRM) to explain the cruelty of the Authority’s enforcement team. Mr Lukwago and his counterpart, each reported to the committee with fingers d... More »


Speaker appreciated for Suspending MPs

Published 5months ago -

MPs in attendance of today’s plenary sitting were all praises of the actions of Speaker Rebecca Kadaga in suspending MPs yesterday. Approximately 24 MPs openly opposed to the motion to lift the age limit, mostly from the op... More »

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